3D modeling & rendering portfolio

I started working very early in 3D modeling programs, e.g. in mid 90s. I used to work in early versions of 3D studio, MAX & trueSpace. Somehow, at the end of the century, I gave it all up, and continued to pursue other interests. Later, when some work projects demanded some 3D models and renders, I revamped my interest in it and decided to learn something new.

Recent projects (2009-2011)

While searching for suitable replacement for some old programs in the field, I stumpbled upon blender, an open source 3D content creation suite, which is conveniently available for all major OS's. While still a beginner at it, I think I'm learning alot and I will stay at it for the time being. Below are several examples of my work in it, so far.

Older stuff

I used to work in a whole plethora of available 3D programs in the 90s. Since I was still at school in those days, these were made merely for tests and fun. I used to try myself in the animation area too, but limited hardware killed those interests very early :) Below are some examples of rendered scenes in programs like trueSpace, Bryce, MAX etc.