Web design portfolio

Below you can take a look at some of my web design projects, grouped by type. I code mainly in PHP with MySQL support, while conforming to XHTML/CSS standards. Most of these projects are custom made CMS systems with (or without) admin backend(s). Recently, I took up with drupal for more serious collaborative projects.

drupal solutions

I'm fairly novice with drupal development, but I'm eager to learn and adapt it to specific needs. It's definitely the future, because it offers unprecedented scalability and modular development, while keeping easiness of use and collaboration at the highest level. It has somewhat steep learning curve, but really pays out in the end :)

Complete solutions

These projects were made as complete solutions, including unique graphic design, complete coding and technical support by myself. Since they are made as in-house CMS, they can be a little bit troublesome to update (not to me ;), but offer very good performance and SEO optimizations for a low price.

Coding solutions

These projects were completely coded and technically supported by myself, but designed by others. Also in-house CMS, with high performance, SEO optimizations and best price/value ratio.

Web design

Occasionally, but only occasionally, someone hires me only for web design. Because of my accumulated experience in the field, I am familiar with dos and don'ts, and can optimize accordingly.

Older web design projects